August 7, 2017

[TOUR] All Signs Point to Murder

title: All Signs Point to Murder (Zodiac Mystery #2)
author: Connie di Marco
genre: adult fiction, cozy mystery
publish: August 8, 2017 by Midnight Ink
purchase: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository
rating: 3.5 / 5 stars
Julia Bonatti is alarmed by the astrological signs looming over Geneva Leary’s wedding day, but nobody asked Julia’s opinion and being a bridesmaid means supporting the bride no matter what. Even with the foreboding Moon-Mars-Pluto lineup in the heavens, no one’s prepared for the catastrophes that strike: a no-show sister, a passed-out wedding planner, and a lethal shooting in the dead of night. 
With anger and grief threatening to tear the Leary family part, Julia is determined to understand how such a terrible tragedy could occur. As she digs deeper into the family’s secrets, her astrological insights will lead her to the truth about a criminal enterprise that stretches far beyond the California coast. 
would keep you guessing, wondering, questioning

If you've been following me since my the Blacksheep Project days, you'll know that I LOVE cozy mysteries just for the heck of it. Okay, generally because they are always such a fun read and at the same time thrilling. All Signs Point to Murder deals with astrology and I've never read anything like this! I've read cozy mysteries that involves a baker and cafe owner, lingerie store owner, and even historical mysteries which were totally enjoyable reads. An astrologer is obviously an amazing addition to this short list.

Julia Bonatti was a bridesmaid to her friend's wedding. However, on the evening of the wedding, the bride's sister was found dead on arrival. Her brother-in-law claims he accidentally shot her thinking she was somebody else but was there really someone else in the scene when he 'accidentally' shot her?

All Signs Point to Murder is the second book in the Zodiac Mystery and I've never read the first book but I still ended up enjoying this one. It's written in such a way that allows you to still be there and get to know Julia even though you've never read the first book. Also, reading about an astrologer is such a great breather since I've never read one before (and honestly, it's been so long since my last cozy mystery read).

Mystery-wise, this book is equally intriguing and thrilling. It kept me guessing. It's really just the greatest past in the mystery, yeah? One thing you'll be pointing your fingers to this character and next thing you know you're pointing to another and next thing, you're all confused. That's just me while reading this book which is totally a great thing! You don't get to read a lot of mystery and still get those wth-i'm-confused moments.

OVERALL, All Signs Point to Murder is a fast-paced and thrilling cozy mystery that features an astrologer main character. It would keep you guessing and completely intrigued until the end.

about the author
Connie di Marco is the author of the Zodiac Mysteries from Midnight Ink, featuring San Francisco astrologer, Julia Bonatti. The first in the series, The Madness of Mercury, was released in June 2016 and the second, All Signs Point to Murder, available for pre-order now, will be released on August 8, 2017. 
Writing as Connie Archer, she is also the national bestselling author of the Soup Lover’s Mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime. Some of her favorite recipes can be found in The Cozy Cookbook and The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook. Connie is a member of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.
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  1. You convinced me....I need to read this cozy!

  2. Hi Czai, thanks so much for hosting me today!

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for writing such a fantastic cozy mystery! :D

  3. I love cozy mysteries! It's been too long since I've read one. This one sounds so good! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

    1. Same here! This is my first one in months! You're welcome and Good luck, Lori!

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun. I have been wanting to read more cozy mysteries lately so I will keep an eye out for this one.

    1. Hope you get a chance to read this, Carole! :)

  5. I like a good cozy but haven't read a ton of them lately. I'm pretty choosy since I like certain ones, seems like, but the astrology element here sounds fun! And it sounds like this one is a series?

    1. Same! This is my first one in months. Astrology was a really different theme because most cozy mysteries are about food and travel. I've seen a few about art as well. But Astrology? This is the first! Yup, it's a series. This is the Book #2 in the series :)


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