April 26, 2021

[WEEKEND READS] where I failed yet another Dewey's readathon

no new photo this time. will bloghop tonight!!


Welcome to another late weekend post because busy life and I tried to do the #readathon which I somehow failed (?) but I did read more than usual which is also a good plus. Let  me talk about it!

I started the readathon strong. It starts at 8PM in my place and I started reading at around 11PM and kept reading on and off up to 2AM or 3AM-ish. I wasn't doing much update like before but I got through a total of 97 pages that night. Then I got up late the next day, read a few pages during breakfast then read a few more after Church. After lunch, I practically slept throughout the afternoon. Nothing like a good siesta, yeah? lol. I ended up picking up The Ask and The Answer again until the readathon ends. That night, I read 132 pages. So all in all, I only got through 229 pages which sucks but it's fine I guess. I got through a good chunk off The Ask and The Answer and I finished The Yellow Wallpaper

I'm doing personal 24hr readathons anyway, so we'll see how I'll do next month but the next Dewey's 24hr Readathon is on October.

April 24, 2021

[24HR READATHON] April 2021 Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon Day!!


It's that time of the year!

Last year, #readathon was good for me. I participated and live-tweeted last year's October readathon and personally, I think it was a success for me. I juggled among 4 books and finished 2 of them. I got pulled out early because of work but I got back for the missed hours and read. That may be cheating but I don't care. I counted them and I had fun.

I'm participating again this April and I'm hoping for great things. I'm somewhat running out of short books but I do have a couple of 100+ pages on my Kindle so we'll see about that. I'll just throw everything out here THEN let's see right after which of those I end up reading. I'm also picking up one of the books on last year's TBR which is L Change the World which I think is 100+ pages (or maybe 200? idk. but it's short).

April 21, 2021

[REVIEW] Mother May I

 Mother May I
author: Joshilyn Jackson
genre: adult, suspense
published: April 6th 2021 by William Morrow
my copy: eGalley, 336
purchase: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository
rating: 3 / 5 stars
Revenge doesn’t wait for permission. 
Growing up poor in rural Georgia, Bree Cabbat was warned by her single mother that the world was a dark and scary place. Bree rejected her mother’s fearful outlook, and life has proved her right. Having married into a family with wealth, power, and connections, Bree now has all a woman could ever dream of: a loving lawyer husband, two talented teenage daughters, a new baby boy, a gorgeous home, and every opportunity in the world. 
Until the day she awakens and sees a witch peering into her bedroom window—an old gray-haired woman dressed all in black who vanishes as quickly as she appears. It must be a play of the early morning light or the remnant of a waking dream, Bree tells herself, shaking off the bad feeling that overcomes her. 
Later that day though, she spies the old woman again, in the parking lot of her daugh­ters’ private school . . . just minutes before Bree’s infant son, asleep in his car seat only a few feet away, vanishes. It happened so quickly—Bree looked away only for a second. There is a note left in his place, warning her that she is being is being watched; if she wants her baby back, she must not call the police or deviate in any way from the instructions that will follow. 
The mysterious woman makes contact, and Bree learns she, too, is a mother. Why would another mother do this? What does she want? And why has she targeted Bree? Of course Bree will pay anything, do anything. It’s her child. 
To get her baby back, Bree must complete one small—but critical—task. It seems harmless enough, but her action comes with a devastating price, making her complicit in a tangled web of tragedy and shocking secrets that could destroy everything she loves. It is the beginning of an odyssey that will lead Bree to dangerous places, explosive confrontations, and chilling truths. 
Bree will do whatever it takes to protect her family—but what if the cost tears their world apart?
lacks on certain aspect but I do like the overall point of it.

When I requested this, I didn't really read through the plot. Then reading the first chapter or two, I found out that it involves a kidnapping of a child (so there's that for ❗❗ trigger warning). But unlike See How They Run and The Couple Next Door, Mother May I is a revenge plot.

April 18, 2021

[WEEKEND READS] where a Bookshop-related book somewhat made me feel frustrated (?)


This is such an uneventful week. It's the usual thing. I was busy with work. I finally finished the menu I've been working on for a couple of weeks now. Or at least I hope it's done. lol. There were parts about it that I really like and other parts just felt 'meh' but that's what they asked me to do, so whatever, I guess. I also submitted a few logo proposals but have yet to receive feedback on that but I hope those work out. 

On other things, the Yankees have been terrible and they're unbearable to watch. Such a pain. Feels like watching them is such a waste of time. I'm glad the other team I occasionally watch, the Cincinnati Reds, are going so well. I'm still out here watching every Yankees game though hoping they pick it up. I mean it's only almost three weeks into the season so, everything can change.
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