May 1, 2017

May Clean Sweep ARC Challenge!

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Now that it's May, I'm a couple of days away from graduating which means job hunting + more time to read (no more school projects, exams, and researches. done. with. those. YAY!). ANYWAY, I saw another reading challenge from Caffeinaited Book Reviewer and given all the time in my hands, I knew I should join. Also, here's to making up for my failed #TakeControlTBR đŸ˜‚

things about #cleansweeparc
- ARC’s must be read between May 1st, 2017 and May 31st, 2017
- hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer
- All ARCS/finished copies that were provided by publisher/author are eligible. They can be in any format (eBook, physical, audio)
- You do not have to post a review on the blog during the month of May. Just give a link to Goodreads showing read May 1 to 31st with a two sentence review.
- Twitter Party Thursday, May 18th at 7:30 pm (EST)
- signup post can be found here.

All of these books are from NetGalley because I'm such an NG hoarder #notgood. Most of these are already released because I suck at reading review books and I've been busy these last few months. I only listed 5 galleys but I'm hoping to read more! I'll also have to pick up galleys from a couple of years ago (i feel guilty).

#CleanSweepARC TBR

Are you joining the #cleansweeparc challenge? If so, what books are on your TBR?

let's connect!


  1. The best of luck with your challenge, czai!

  2. Good luck and happy reading! P.S. From Paris looks like a cute one!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I know right!? :D I'll have a review for that one when closer to release date :)

  3. Good luck!! I think I'll be participating as well, but I don't have a set TBR yet. :)

    1. Thanks, Genni! Good luck to you as well!


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