June 25, 2017

[WEEKEND READS] where my work schedule stresses me out but I get to read all the books

highly recommended read!

I'm still not used to my work schedule but I'm honestly enjoying the perks of working in a bookstore -- getting first dibs on books, reading books I'm not sure I'll ever buy, and generally encouraging people to read my faves. lol. Also, this is the first time I am actually surrounded by people who read.

I'm still not back to book blogging but I want to make general updates every now and then. I've also posted a couple of book reviews, again.

recent reads

Anonymous Noise, vol 1
 (Anonymous Noise #1) | Ryōko Fukuyama
When this arrive on the store, I'm like: I'm gonna read this first before we display it! I did! AND I have mixed feelings for this because ya know, that start was just odd and quite off and just doesn't feel 'realistic'. I'm not saying manga stories are realistic or slice of life series should be more realistic but ya know, kids hitting it off at first grade and saying big things seriously just doesn't make the cut for me. BUT I'm gonna watch the anime soon, so yeah... I hope I like it better. Also, I'm gonna wait for the second volume to arrive here.

Secrets of the Dead (DI Robyn Carter #2) | Carol Wyer
This was just felt like the usual crime fiction thriller -- a serial killer, a thrilling pace, and a detective with a baggage. Nothing really stands out here which kind of disappointed me BUT I'm still into reading the next book of this series. You can read my review for this over here!

Sleeping Giants (Themis Files #1) | Sylvain Neuvel
I FINALLY FINISHED THIS! Have you read my review? I LOVED it -- the intrigue, the politics, the characters. I'm excited to jump into Waking Gods! I'll grab the next book by the end of the month then read it as soon as I can. I promise!

The High School Life of a Fudanshi, vol 1 (High School Life of a Fudanshi #1) | Michinoku Atami
When I saw this on the shipment, I'm like: THAT TITLE! I was so dead on reading this. When I finally did, I was laughing so much my co-workers are looking weirdly at me (especially because no one reads manga here). This is funny, no doubt about it. It's a 4-koma after all -- 4-koma, meaning a manga told in 4 panels and are meant for humor. The problem with manga like these is that it's culturally inclined (meaning, I have to be aware of certainly cultural practices) and they tend to be repetitive. But yeah, I still enjoyed it :)

current reads

A Man Called Ove | Fredrik Backman; Henning Koch (translator)
Just a few more chapters left on this book. It's equally hilarious and sad -- not in a don't wanna read this anymore sad but I just felt so much for Ove. This book just makes you understand this grumpy old and lonely man. This book, for me, stresses the fact that we shouldn't judge people by that single interaction we had, that there's more to them that what they show us. This book is just so beautiful.

The Invisible Library (the Invisible Library #1) | Genevieve Cogman
I'm just one chapter up and I find the world -- it concept -- intriguing. I'm really excited to learn more about the Library and the retrieval of books and such. I'm still looking out for the main plot/conflict of the story -- the inclusion of magic, necromancers, etc. is also very intriguing. Just what is this thing I'm reading!? :D

next reads

Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1) | Neal Shusterman
I know I've been putting this book here over and over but I was in a slump then. Now I'll surely read this once I'm done with one or two of my physical books. I'm not stalling this, I promise, because Neal Shusterman is my fave author of all time!

Roam | Erik Therme
I've read Erik Therme's first two books, Mortom and Resthaven. I liked both but I didn't enjoy the latter as much as the first one either way, he contacted me to review his latest book, Roam. With how much I enjoyed Mortom, I can't say no to him when he's offering his book for review.

anime marathon

Fune wo Amu | Zexcs
An anime about dictionary making. It's very relaxing. I love Majime as well as the anime's take on the work environment. I also love the art as well as the BGM. Actually, I'm in love with the BGM. Also, did I mention that Sakurai Takahiro (aka my current fave voice actor) handles the lead role? :D

Glasslip | P.A. Works
All I can say is FINALLY! Finally I'm done with this anime. P.A. Works is really just a hit or miss kind of production company. I'm in love with their background art though and I LOVE their take on Shirobako (it was easily one of my fave anime). But this one? It feels that this anime really doesn't know what it wants to do which sucks because its focus changes every single time and the ending didn't even explain what happened in the beginning. Like, WHAT EVEN, MAN?

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves?

Are you watching anime? Have you finished any Spring 2017 anime? If you have, go tell me if I should prioritize them!

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  1. Have fun working in the bookstore. Would be a dream-job for me!

  2. I would LOVE to work in a bookstore! That would be so cool, I wouldn't know what to read first!

  3. Working in a bookstore?! My dream!

    I gave your blog a follow, and I would truly appreciate it if you could check out my book reviews blog located at https://elsbookreviews.blogspot.ca/ and possibly give it a follow as well! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

    - El

  4. Wow - I want to know all about working in a bookstore. Hope you will keep us posted!
    Jen Ryland


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