March 14, 2018

My 2018 Reading Goals


I mentioned in another post (which I cannot remember anymore, lol) that I'll be sharing with you guys my 2018 Reading Goals. I made this goals at the end of December hoping that I'll have a fantastic reading year ahead. I also hope to challenge myself by doing this personal list and not joining into some other reading challenges (but I'll probably join some next year).

This list is a mixture of general challenges and very specific ones. I have my list up along with some books I hope to read for the challenges. I'll also work on a reading challenge page soon so I can keep track of the books I've read, aside from writing them up on my bullet journal.

SO, here goes my challenges! Wish me the best of luck! 😊

Read 51 Books (Goodreads Reading Challenge)
This one is obviously already taken care of. Check out the books I've read so far!
wth is with 51 you ask? That's just me being random and adding that extra 1 πŸ˜†

Read 12 Classics (modern classics not included!)
You know... classics. Like the Jane Austen ones... or Dickens... or the BrontΡ‘s... the 100 year old classics which I am not so much into but have always wanted to be into. I've already read Pride and Prejudice by the way which I hope you guys noticed. I haven't exactly thought of others I'm hoping to get through. Maybe another Jane Austen? I'll definitely reread Wuthering Heights this year though and count it on this challenge πŸ˜‰

LOVE this Pulp! the Classics edition!!

Read 5 Non-Fiction (history, biography/autobiography/memoirs)
I read Hidden Figures last year and that's the only non-fiction I've read so far. I've accumulated a decent amount of non-fictions this past few months. I hope to get through them. I'm hoping to start this challenge with In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park.

Read 5 Fantasy Novels
Fantasy is my weakest genre so I thought of doing this challenge. 5 is also a very realistic number because I'm still trying to get into this genre. Here are some titles I hope to read to accomplish this challenge: War Storm (just because I NEED to know what happens to Maven), Lies of Lock Lamora (I've put this on my monthly tbr so many times. I tried reading it but I'm like... ugh. can't get into it. i. must. be. on. chill. environment. to. read. this.), Throne of Glass (I'm doing a re-read), Harry Potter (reading this now!!), and A Crown of Wishes (I read The Star-Touched Queen last year and loved it. I heard this one's better πŸ˜ƒ)

Read 10 YA Contemporary Fictions
You're probably thinking... this... a challenge? Of course it still is! I mean I don't think I've gone through enough contemporary fictions last year (or maybe I wasn't really able to get through many novels last year because I mostly read manga). But I hope to get through most of my contemporaries this year! I've already read 4 contemporary fictions this year: Never Never (by Colleen Hoover, I'm counting the three parts as one), Finding Audrey (which I unexpectedly enjoyed), Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (which was super cute! Can't wait for the movie!!), and Every Day (which I'm still not completely decided if I should count as contemporary because of A's unusual circumstances).

For this challenge, I'm hoping to get through some of the books on my shelf at the moment: Dumplin' and Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy, Dear Martin by Nic Stone, Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley, The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, and The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati.

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda πŸ’–

Read 10 Literary Fictions
I've acquired a good amount of literary fictions this past few months and I'm really getting into this genre lately. I'm feeling like a real adult ya know. lol. But really, I feel my preferences changing recently thus the YA Contemporary challenge. Anyway, I've already read 1 book for this challenge and that is Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders which felt 'okay' for me (review to come for that!).

Some books I hope to get through for this challenge are: My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry (just because Backman πŸ˜‰), Ginny Moon (autistic main character), Where'd You Go, Bernadette (just because...), The Kite Runner (because it's super popular and my sister gifted this to me), and The Vegetarian (one of those WHAT-IS-THIS-STORY-EVEN books!)

Read 5 Big Books (600+ pages)
This one is the biggest challenge for me. My big books are literally accumulating and nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is being read. SO now, this challenge will push me to finally pick up these big books! I was initially going to include Iron Gold for this challenge but I realized later that it only has 596 pages. SO CLOSE (yet so far... but really it was so close πŸ˜… Also, goodreads listed it as 600+ pages but, I don't want to cheat.).

The five books I hope to read (yup, I'm strongly decided for the books here) for this challenge are: IT (because OMG, part 2 in 2019! I started this but I'm slow), The Stand (another Stephen King book I'm soooo intrigued of. Well I'm honestly interested in many of his books. But this one is apocalyptic... so yeah... so me!) Seveneves (which is a book I HAVE NO IDEA what it is about but I'm like, I'm seeing it in other people, so why not? yeah?), House of Leaves (this unusual book. OMG!), and Lies of Locke Lamora (which is also on my Fantasy challenge).

Seveneves by Neal Stephenson.

Finish 5 Series (doesn't have to read the entire series, just the final book)
Another difficult challenge. Honestly, I HAVE NO IDEA if I can win this challenge but I'll do my best πŸ˜€ I'm quite sure most of us (if not all) have issues on finishing book series. So here I am trying to push myself to finish those series. HAHAHA. I obviously have Allegiant on my to-read and it will also complete another challenge for me. Other books I'm eyeing for this challenge are: The Last Star by Rick Yancey, Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel, and War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

who else is excited for the final book of this series!?

Read 20 Books Downloaded from NetGalley
I decided to do this challenge (even though I don't download any NG books anymore) because I want to clean my NG to-read shelf and just be able to get through books I've been keeping on my kindle app. Also, to raise my NG ratio πŸ˜‰ Here're some of the books I hope to read.

Read 20 Books Bought in 2016 (or earlier)
Obviously because I've been neglecting books that have been sitting on my shelf for so long. If I don't get through them this year, when even? It's already March and I don't think I've read anything for this challenge. What is wrong with me? Here're some books I'm eyeing that fits this challenge.

Read 5 Stephen King Novels
This is one of the very specific reading challenges I have. My sisters and I are doing this Stephen King project where we watch every Stephen King adaptation out there. Along this line, I decided to read Stephen King's books. I've only ever read Revival which I liked. It was a 3-star read for me. I started reading IT late last year but ended up holding it off. SO this year, I decided to go through more of his books. Here're the Stephen King books I hope to go read this year!

Read 5 Haruki Murakami Novels
Last year, I read Sputnik Sweetheart as recommended by my book best friend. I ended up liking it. It also made me interested in Murakami's writing thus my interest in reading more of his works. Here's a quick list of books I hope to get through this year. Also,  hope to get this Vintage International edition of his books just because look at it!! it's a bloodydamn puzzle! I also have Sputnik Sweetheart on this edition.

Did you join any reading challenges this year? Or did you made a personal challenge list myself? Do we have any similar challenges? Did you join the Goodreads Reading Challenge? What's your reading goal? How are you doing so far? 
Tell Me Everything!

let's connect!

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  1. Oh my, looks like you have a lot of challenges going on this year. Good luck with all of them! I am a moody reader so I am terrible at challenges because I always read whatever strikes my fancy and never pay attention to what I should read based on challenge LOL That is why I only participate in Goodreads Reading Challenge (it is going great, I am 8 books ahead :) ).
    Anyway, I do plan to read The Stan by Stephen King this year as well. I already have hardcover copy on my shelf. But who knows if I actually get to it LOL


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