December 17, 2018

Bookish Naughty Or Nice Tag


I told myself that I won't be posting anything other than wrap-ups because life gets in the way. (although recently I'm being such a timely organized kid that all time is well spent?) But I went back to bloghopping and saw this really fun Christmas Tag by Jenniely @ A Page of Jenniely. I wasn't tagged, of course, I just thought that it's such a fun thing to do.

I'm going to do this with only 2018 in mind 😏

Received an ARC and not reviewed it
Very guilty of this especially since I'm a very inconsistent reader, blogger, and reviewer. Although I do hope to review every single book I receive. Here's to being an active reviewer and blogger on 2019.

I LOVE historical fictions but idk. I just wasn't in the mood for this then. I'll get back to this soon!!!

Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley 
I don't even look at my Netgalley these days. Heck, I don't even log into NG anymore to avoid grabbing more books. In my defense though, I ended up taking a good long break in blogging this year. So there's that and there's all the unread eARCs I received 😅 But I will jump right back in 2019, I promise you that.

Rated a book on goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did) 
Looking back for this year, I probably never said a review to come kind of thing. Same as the year before. I probably just gave up with it because I'm not posting. hahaha

Folded down the page of a book 
I'm sorry, please forgive me. Below is an actual photo of a book I'm currently reading and I folded the bloodydamn page because I left my stickyflags and I can't afford to skip the page in fear of forgetting it! And I want to take note of something!!! oMG!

forgive me for I have sinned. I dogeared this book several times.

Accidentally spilled on a book
I sometimes eat/drink while reading but I do it with utmost care because I'll get mad at myself if I actually put food or drink in it. Also, I'm a neat freak so... yeah. I'll get disgusted if something is to happen to it, okay?

DNF a book this year 
I'm counting all the books I held off this year. I haven't technically DNF them but I haven't finished them so yeah... I DNF/held off the following books this year. Tell me which of these I should pick up soon 😅

Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it
Not me. I always buy books because I actually want to read them. There are covers I really, really LOVE but I also don't let that get to me. I'm very strict with my expenses recently 😉 This is also why I'm so proud of myself when I reorganized my shelf and found only 3 books I'm willing to get rid of. And in my defense, they are books given to me.
My buying habits are actually improving 😃

Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else (like homework) 
Aren't we all guilty of this? I could be working or eating but NO I'm reading because I need to finish that chapter or I need to know what happens OR OMG I ONLY HAVE 200+++ PAGES LEFT I CAN FINISH THIS RIGHT NOW! (or not, hahaha).

when you're in a roll and can't be bothered. you just HAVE to drop everything and read, you know?

Skim read a book 
Uhhhh... yes? I mean there are times when that happens. Wait. Okay, I do this a lot because my imagination sucks. And when I can't visualize things, I skim through the next interesting thing my eyes can find (or the next dialogue). This is also why I suck at remembering character descriptions as well. Will I stop doing this? Probably not. hahaha.

Completely missed your Goodreads goal
I always keep track of my goodreads goal. but not of my personal reading goals though. but yeah, we're talking about goodreads here and so far, I'm good. I'm actually done with my reading goal for a couple of months now. I lessened my goal and that's also cool. I don't plan to pressure myself by making a big goal and not actually have that much time to read.

I've been a good kid :)

Borrowed a book and not returned it to the library
I don't borrow books from the library anymore generally because we don't have public libraries that I know of that I can borrow from. I used to borrow them on my university library when I was studying. But now... nah! So I'm good with this.

Broke a book buying ban 
Yes, a couple of times. And there were also successful ones like last month, November, and last June and last January 😉 I'm getting better at this especially since I got to know my local bookstore more (that they can actually special order certain books when they ran out of stocks or they can grab them from other branches) and since I started borrowing books from my best friend 😅

Started a review, left it for ages then forgot what the book was about 
Me most of the time. Literally. I draft book reviews A LOT of times. I cannot show you the number right now since I already deleted them because I'm trying to be real. hahaha. Also, I cleaned my blog recently so all drafts that's been sitting for a year is gone now because I know I won't be doing them anymore because of my suck-ish memory. Oopps.
Note to self: if I plan to write a review, write it asap. lol.

I was going to review this book. but I held off writing then I'm just like: what was I supposed to rant about this?

Wrote in a book you were reading
Nope. NEVER! okay maybe 10yrs ago I underlined words. but now, NO! NO! Go grab a stickyflag and write on that one!

Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads
Never. I'm a Goodreads updating obsessed kid. When I start a book, I tell Goodreads. When I read a page, I tell Goodreads. When I finish a book, I tell Goodreads. Hi, Goodreads, you're actually my book best friend and you know my reading history so much even though your recommendations flatly fail most of the times. hahaha.

Borrowed a book and not returned it to a friend 
uhhh... I will return them... at some point.. not that we're going to be ghosting each other or anything. so no worries. but I'm counting this one because I have a lot of his books which I borrowed waaaaay back in April or May, I think?

my best friend's books. yup, they're still in my shelf. actually I have 6 or 7 of his books...

Dodged someone asking if they can borrow a book
I don't know many readers IRL so I let them borrow my books even though they are my faves. Actually especially when they are my faves! Spread the word. Go love my faves! So if you're anywhere near my area (I live in the Philippines, NCR area), I can lend you books just promise me you'll return them 😉 this is how me and my best friend started anyway (we barely know each other but he lent me a book).

Broke the spine of someone else’s book
NEVER! When someone lends me a book, I take care of it. Well aside from that accidental folding of the cover of Iron Gold I borrowed from my best friend. I still feel a tad bit guilty at this point and it's been MONTHS! well it isn't a spine so not counting it. lol.

Took the jacket off a book to protect it and ended up making it more damaged
I take the jacket off and leave them somewhere I know they won't get damaged on. I'm quite particular with my book jackets :)

Sat on a book accidentally
How even? Well maybe others may have done this?? idk. I haven't though and I would never. hahaha

Does this mean I'm a nice kid? Does this mean I get a book or two? or three? or how many my heart desires? 

Are you guilty of any of these? Tell me what's your score? Do we have similar thoughts on some of these?

let's connect!


  1. I love this post czai! There are definitely some I'm guilty of (dog-earing, writing in books, starting a review and never posting it) the list goes on! I'll have to do my own post about this later this month on my blog. :) Happy Holidays!

    1. This was such a fun tag. just looking back at all those things we're all so guilty about. I'd love to read your post later this month. Happy Holidays, Genni!

  2. This is such a fun tag! Shame on you for folding your book pages! XD I'm also horrible about forgetting what I was writing in my reviews. Sometimes I even have to go read summaries on Goodreads to refresh my memory. Haha!

    1. Same! I usually re-read the synopsis and look for notes I written no matter how short they are and sticky flags I left on the book to remind me of things. hahaha

  3. Ha - I never mistreat books (except I use bizarre things as bookmarks) but I am often guilty of forgetting what books are about, not reviewing books, etc...
    Jen Ryland Reviews
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Turns out your books are luckier than mine, hahaha! I shame myself whenever I forget book details especially when I recently read them and someone wants to discuss them with me. oooppps. hahaha
      Happy Holidays to you as well, Jen!

  4. This is such a fun tag!! I've got to properly get back into blogging in 2019 too! Love the pictures and answers lovely! <3

    1. Same! I'm planning our everything so that I can get back by January smoothly. I hope we get back into blogging in 2019. Thank you, Uma!

  5. Yay you're on the nice list Czai! Your pictures are lovely! This is such a fun tag. :)

  6. I remember this list from last year, and it's so much fun! I think you qualify for the Nice list with this score. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. It is. I really enjoyed reading other people's thoughts and writing this post as well :)

  7. This was fun!

    I actually have a 103% feedback on Netgalley and I don't get it lol is that possible???

    I have posted reviews on ARC Goodreads and then not my blog after publication. I tend to do the Goodreads review early -right after I read and then forget once the publication date rolls around.

    And I do other things when I'm supposed to be reading - so the opposite of you lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Wow! How is 103% even possible! What sorcery did you do? :O
      I sometimes do mini-reviews on goodreads but don't really make a full review at some point. But I kind of want to change that :)


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