February 1, 2017

JANUARY ROUNDUP (aka the start of my new book blog)

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I decided to start my 2017 right by trying to organize myself and manage my time more. I opened this new book blog, the Blacksheep Reader, and so far I'm really proud of it. Aside from the schedule posts I have (I'm a couple of weeks ahead minus #weekendreads, of course), it's all thanks to you guys for keeping me motivated!

This January, I also started my internship. It's not super stressful but whenever I get home, I'm just so tired, all I can do is sleep BUT I still have to work on my thesis so that makes things quite stressful. BUT I always try to manage myself. AND because of this, I ended up being on a #readingslump. I haven't finished any book for a couple of weeks now and I'm really hating myself for it. I'm trying to fight it though by reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. I picked this because historical fiction is one of my fave genres. And so far, it's really working for me. Crossing my fingers that I finish this book before the week ends.

books read
January turned out to be a horrible reading month for me. I hope February turns out better. I can't believe my 2017 started with a reading slump. 

books reviewed
AND since I was not able to finish many books, I was not able to schedule some of the reviews I was hoping to have for January. ohwell, February has several scheduled ones already. SO yay for that! :D

book haul
all these great books!
I spoiled myself this month. I don't normally buy books every week but GAH! As I mentioned in my book haul post (link in photo), I intern near a bookstore. soyeah...

Definitely still not final but I'm really hoping to get around the Lies of Locke Lamora since I've been seeing it around lately. Also The Swap will come out this month so hopefully I'll have time to read that as well. Also, I'm joining #bookentine which is hosted by Ely & Michelle @ Tea and Titles soooo I'll finally be able to get around my contemporaries (obviously not my strongest genre): Made You Up, The Season of You & Me, and The Secret Language of Sisters. I'll write a full post for that when closer to the read-a-thon date (Feb13)

How was your January? Anything you want to share? New hobby, projects, travel, books, school life? 
How was your month in reading? Anything you added to your faves? Anything you recommend to me? Are you joining #bookentine? What YA contemporaries would you be reading for that? What do you plan to read for February in general? Do we have anything in common? 

let's connect!


  1. Don't feel too badly, my January reading didn't go as planned either. Definitely adding your new blog to my regular stops. Hope you get what sound like some much needed rest and that we both have better luck reading in February.

    1. Oh YAY! Thanks, Barb :) My February has been good so far. I was able to finish a book yesterday which was definitely a sign for a good start. Here's hoping to both read and enjoy books more this month! :D

  2. Think about it this way: you can only improve from here because you started 2017 with a reading slump! I'm interested to see your thoughts on Nevernight when you get to it. I haven't it read it (yet), but I do want to read it sometime soon. It's just not high up on my list. I just might join #bookentine! I want to read a good mix of genres this year. Contemporary was pushed to the side last year for me because I got really into fantasy. Great post czai! I hope you have a wonderful February!

    1. Thanks for that, Genni :) I'm not sure if I can get around Nevernight this month.. but I'll do my best to have a review up. Same thing happened to me for contemporary. I got into crime fiction and mystery thrillers last year so my contemporaries got pushed aside. Time to pick them this February! :D


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