February 18, 2017

[WEEKEND READS] where I try to deal with #bookentine


As I said on my last #weekendreads post, I've been busy and exhausted. I feel that I easily get tired lately. Unlike before, I can stay up all night. But now, I just can't. I feel too exhausted. My eyes are droopy. But yeah, I still stay up until 1AM as my latest -- 'cause there are things that needs to be done.

ANYWAY, last Monday #bookentine started. I update my twitter daily to tell you guys what I'm reading (ya know. if you want some updates and see me fail 😬). So far, I finished 1 book -- The Season of You & Me. I started Made You Up yesterday. I decided to pick it up first because you guys just convinced me to do so (oh, I'm especially looking at you, Kirsty).

recent reads

Station Fosaan (Torch World series #1) | Dee Garretson
I was supposed to review this for a blog tour but I backed out because I didn't like it. It wasn't even an 'okay' read. I just didn't really like it. I really should stop agreeing to books I'm not completely sure I'd love. I should stop it. UGH! Review will be a couple of weeks from now.

Revival | Stephen King
This is my first Stephen King book and I honestly have NO IDEA how to go around it. so yeah, no review for this. But here's what I think of it: I like the idea of it. It really kept me intrigued and as a first time reader of Stephen King, I do not know what to expect. I did took note of several words 'cause his writing is awesome. I thought it'll haunt me -- the story, I mean. But it didn't. The images I had in my head then weren't very good though but it just didn't stuck to me. Also, I'm curious of the things they discovered here ya know...
I will definitely read another Stephen King book. I'm thinking of reading The Shining next since it's super popular and has a reasonable page count. But I've seen the movie. So I hope it still works well for me.

The Season of You & Me | Robin Constantine
I liked this book. I didn't expect that, you know, since I'm not a big reader of YA contemporary romances. Just not my thing 'cause what's the point? But I enjoyed this. Same way I enjoyed To All the Boys I Loved Before and Since You've Been Gone -- which are probably the only YA contemporary romance I love (excluding, of course, those that involve mental illness 'cause that's my type of YA contemporary). ANYWAY, I enjoyed this and find the romance cute and sweet. I like that involved family life and friendship. There was drama, of course, but nothing big, really. Review soon 😊

current reads

Made You Up | Francesca Zappia
I read in my #bookentine TBR post that you guys were also interested in Made You Up, so I decided to read it next. Also, this may sound like cheating but I think that this book counts for challenges #2 & #3 -- read a book by an author you haven't read before & read a book featuring mental illness or disability. Yeah? This has 400+ pages and you know my reading pace, I definitely won't make it. hahaha. BUT I'm really liking this. Miles amuses and intrigues me, ya know.

Human Acts | Han Kang, Deborah Smith (translator)
Lekeisha @ Lekeisha the Booknerd's review basically convinced me to actually pick this up. It's historical fiction and deals with the 1980 Gwangju Uprising in South Korea. I don't know anything about South Korea's history and reading that they also went through Martial Law intrigues me. #Relevant.

next reads

The Secret Language of Sisters | Luanne Rice
This is supposed to be my final book for #bookentine. A book from an author I've never read before. I picked this book up because #sisters! We NEED more books featuring sisters/siblings. Really. Also, can anyone send me recommendations of books featuring a main character with middle child syndrome? (ya know, middle children? feeling like a problem child? left out? and stuff like that? thanks!).

Rose Petal Graves (the Lost Clan #1) | Olivia Wildenstein
This is for a blog tour. I've read Olivia Wildenstein's Masterful duology and enjoyed it. This one's fantasy though. Crossing my fingers I enjoy it.

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves?

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  1. I own several Robin Constantine novels but I've not read a single one. I really should! Made You Up was a favourite read of mine back in 2015 so I hope you're enjoying it immensely.

    Have a great weekend, czai!

    1. I might actually buy Robin Constantine's other novels just so I can take a break from all the intense reading. Also, it's great to know you're one of those who loved Made You Up! Thanks, Joy! :)

  2. Glad I convinced you to read made you up ;)! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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