March 23, 2017

5 Authors I'd Love to See in a Dystopian Author Panel!

just a heads up on who might be here.

As I said, I'm back to reading and blogging. YAY FOR THAT! *virtually throws confetti* As I said before, thanks for keeping up with me. I'll be back for real next week when all these things are done. My undergraduate thesis defense will happen on Saturday (send prayers and wish me luck, thanks!).

ANYWAY, let me be random for a while and go have fun with this post. Let's talk about dystopian authors just because dystopian series are #fun (okay, they're not. they're thrilling. but still enjoyable to read). What I generally love most about dystopian series are the worlds the author creates (like how perfect it should be but 'nothing's perfect' so that #sucks) and how resistance group are organized and fight back.

Friendly reminder though, I honestly don't think I've read that much dystopian novels (at least I thought I was able to but later realized I haven't and I wanted to do this list). The authors might make you feel limited or something. I don't know. ANYWAY, I honestly can't remember much on some of the others books like the Legend trilogy and Shatter Me trilogy but let's just acknowledge how nicely they were made, okay? ALSO, one final note: I HAVE NEVER ATTENDED A BOOK CONVENTION (or anything related to it) with author panels because #internationalreader. Okay? :) I do know some (if not all) of them have sat down as panel members before. so yeah...

Let's get into this! I decided to divide my author panel into two: (1) Dystopian World & (2) Dystopian Resistance Group. I was thinking of a third one but... *shrugs* eh, lack of authors. it was dissolved. sorry.

Welcome to the World Domination Panel *evil laughs*. But seriously, writing a dystopian novel is like world domination 'cause you're creating you're own evil world and a resistance group overthrowing an evil government is kind of like world domination as well. (i'm not good with titles so let's just get over at how cringe-y and lame it is. and that i even explained it lamely. just how lame can i get?). But really, you can just call it the Dystopian Panel 'cause #cringey

panel 1

Pierce Brown (Red Rising Trilogy). If you must know, Red Rising is one of my absolute favorite series EVER. I recommended it to my sisters. They read it. They loved it! I recommend it to my friends as well but with no such luck, they're lazy readers af. (okay, not much but they're just too preoccupied to actually care for my recommendation. ugh. i NEED new friends.). Red Rising's world is just too detailed from the look of the setting, to their lingo (which I sometimes shamefully use with my sisters), to the politics, to their gadgets. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! It even made me read book set in space. War happening in space (and I don't read books in space 'cause my imagination is bad af but this book made me appreciate war in space. so beat that!).
Neal Shusterman (Unwind Dystology). Neal Shusterman is my ALL TIME FAVE AUTHOR! I will literally read anything and everything he writes. I will make a list right about now of all the books he has written and that I will need to read because he's THAT amazing. ANYWAY, his Unwind Dystology is a well-written and well-thought-of series. It's horrific and really made me consider the reality of unwinding. When an author made you consider that this will actually happen, he's an amazing writer, I'm telling you.
Veronica Roth (Divergent Trilogy). I haven't finished this series, actually. BUT I do love its concept. Honestly one of the best one I've come across -- the division of people based on their belief system on what is important. That made me interested in this series (aside of course from its overwhelming popularity). Book two wasn't so great, by the way. BUT the world is still amazing.

part 2

Suzanne Collins (the Hunger Games Trilogy). Admittedly I haven't finish this series (shame on me, i know) BUT I after seeing Catching Fire or was it was Mocking Jay Part 1, I was astounded by the underground District 13. Of course, you may correct me anytime since I've never read the book (i've only gone through The Hunger Games which has nothing to do with this so I'm relying on my blurry memory of the film). There was politics involve in the resistance and great organization.
Marie Lu (Legend Trilogy). Heads up: I don't remember much about this. I know I loved it so much when I first read it but now? I don't know. Here's what I know though: there was also good organization on its resistance AND they have connections in the government. LIKE HELLO ANDEN! and that's how they try to resolve the conflict -- with help from the underground resistance, from influential people, and from the government itself. [wait, is this considered a spoiler? like a major spoiler? please tell me so i can hide it. ahhh, i can't even remember when each of these were done]
Pierce Brown (Red Rising Trilogy). I just HAD to add Pierce Brown here as well because the Sons of Ares is basically an epic resistance group with a noteworthy history (like why 'Ares' started it), an actual chain of command, internal resistance warfare, and legit amazing strategy in overthrowing the evil government (ya know, this is possibly just me shoving Red Rising to you...)

So many thanks to Eventbrite for the post idea! You guys can go check out their website so you can organize and register for conferences near you!

Who would you like to see in a dystopian panel? Who are your fave dystopian authors? Fave dystopian worlds? Fave resistance group (if you don't say Sons of Ares, you can now leave thanks for visiting)? Fave dystopian series? Fave badass heroine from a dystopian series? (I should stop this, this series of questions is just endless)

let's connect!


  1. Okay so I'm yet to read any on Neal Sushterman's and Marie Lu's novels but what a cool post!!And I know exactly what you mean by thinking we've read a lotta books of the genre but when we actually count there aren't many :P I'll go with sons of Ares too (Yay i don't have to leave) Best dystopian heroine..Katniss all the way! I might add The Maze runner series to best Dystopian worlds..that idea was so unique!

  2. I haven't finished Allegiant and I haven't read The Hunger games so I'm not sure how good a dystopian fan I am, but I still love the concept! And I agree- the Divergent idea was really cool. And I think I agree with Uma- the Maze world is kind of a cool one. I'd like to see Veronica and Suzanne on a panel (and maybe Marie Lu just because I've heard so much about that series).


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