March 11, 2017

[WEEKEND READS] where I try to deal with #TakeControlTBR

random photo, i know. i'm reading Cruel Beauty though. and i'm excited for Scythe and Heartless!

I mentioned in my last #weekendreads post that I'll be busy in the next few weeks. It has only been a week since I said that and it has been crazy! Like I'm in need of sleep right at this moment and thinking about my thesis makes me feel nervous with my heart pumping five times faster than usual. LIKE wHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN HERE!?

here's a fancy life update:
- I haven't slept decently. It's either I sleep like three or less hours or I don't sleep at all! It's crazy! and I still went to my intership the next day. That's my Monday through Thursday;
- My boss at my internship had me work on this rush project that needs printing ASAP (Wednesday actually) and because they were too busy to check if my work is fine (because really, I don't get the final say on things. I'm just an intern!) until the last minute. AND TADA!! We hustle! I was supposed to have everything done by Wednesday and not go to work on Thursday but cuz we're hustling, I still dropped by the office and ended up getting home at around 11PM. CRAZY THING RIGHT HERE!!
- Friday, my thesismates went to my place so that we can work together. We're still together, by the way, and I'm secretly writing this blog post behind their backs. lol.
- I'm writing this Friday night though and we won't be sleeping. FUN! *sarcastictonelikeDUH* We'll be together until Sunday. We're going to make a fancy blog about our thesis plus social media accounts. Facebook anyone? Facebook Likes + Follow is EXTREMELY APPRECIATED! PLEASE! THANKS!

recent reads

Rose Petal Graves (the Lost Clan #1) | Olivia Wildenstein
Rose Petal Graves ended up being an 'okay' read for me. I enjoyed it and shipped that romance. The world was interesting but I wasn't completely absorbed into it. Also there's humor and it's one of my fave parts of the novel. Completely priceless (banterings are my fave, ya know!). Read my full review here.

current reads

Cruel Beauty | Rosamund Hodge
I'm only our chapters up. I'm busy, okay? Like suuuuper busy. ^did you read the things I said above? Thesis? Sleepless nights? Stress? AND that's why I haven't read much from this. BUT I do love the Gentle Lord so far :) Also, this is my book of #OWBookClub

Killer Jam (A Dew Berry Farm Mystery #1) | Karen MacInerney
I've only gone around three chapters, I think. Few things: (1) there's a farm, (2) the main character being new to town but somehow familiar to it because the said farm was own by her grandmother, (3) there's food! (OMG, one of the reasons why I LOVE cozy mysteries!!). Also, someone dies already and OMG *enter fake gasp* the one everyone passionately hates dies. I'm excited to read more of this!!

next reads
not changing these cuz I NEED to read them already!!

Duels & Deception | Cindy Anstey
YA historical romance. Regency era. Haven't exactly finished a book in that historical setting. I read The Dark Days Club last December but did not finish it. Might continue it at some point but most likely not. ANYWAY, I'm excited for this one!!

King's Cage (Red Queen #3) | Victoria Aveyard
I am excited to read this for Maven!! If you must know, 'cause I bet you don't or forgot, I like Maven like 100% more than Cal (which is weird and wrong in so many ways. but that's just me being weird.). Anyway, glad that this isn't over hyped, 'cause if it is, I'll be too scared to read it. lol.

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves?

let's connect!


  1. I hope you get some rest soon! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Cruel Beauty. I've been curious about that one for a long time.

    1. Thanks Lori, I was able to have some rest yesterday. Waiting for Saturday to finally relax for real. I haven't had the chance to finish Cruel Beauty buy hopefully before the month ends. I'll definitely write a review for that :)

  2. Oh my you sound like your life has been crazy busy! I hope you start sleeping better very soon. Sleep is important! Good luck on your thesis and enjoy all of your books :)

    1. Just started sleeping on time last night. I'm sure I'll enjoy them :) Thanks so much, Carole!

  3. I am so excited to read King's Cage! It arrived in my mail a week or so ago, and it's in my immediate TBR :) I haven't heard about the rest, but Duels and Deception has such a beautiful cover!
    Hope your stress gets better!Try to sleep a bit, cause you're building up stress and the no-sleep thing is just adding onto it :( Good luck! <3

    1. Have you read King's Cage, yet? GAH! I hate that I've been busy but I will read it as soon as possible!! gotta agree that Duels & Deceptions cover is beautiful!! always one of the things that attract me to books.

      I started sleeping on time. It has been crazy and I definitely don't want it to happen again. Thanks, Cova! <3

  4. I haven't heard of Rose Petal Graves before - love the cover if nothing else. Good luck getting some control on that sleep and stress!

    1. It's definitely a good read. It's also just released :) Thanks so much. I'm slowly getting there <3


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