March 18, 2017

[WEEKEND READS] where I get back to all things blogging & reading (i hope)

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THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS FOR KEEPING UP AND STAYING WITH ME. You guys, encouraged me, wished me luck, told me to take care of my health, and you guys continued to comment on my posts even though I'm away.

I was gone for a couple of weeks and it was crazy. Things are not done but they are close to completion (thank the stars that while we're not exactly doing great, we're actually, unexpectedly doing fine). important: i will be eternally grateful if you guys follow our working project: facebook, twitter, instagram. even just for a month. if you follow, just leave a comment how you followed and i'll follow you back on your blog/twitter/insta and leave a comment on your blog. such a useless stretch i know but I WILL BE GRATEFUL IF YOU FOLLOW AND SHARE THESE LINKS).

By Tuesday, everything will be submitted to our thesis defense panel members and we'll be preparing for our defense next Saturday. Since we'll have our paper over and done with this weekend, I'll finally have some legit time to read and write actual blog posts --  reviews, that tag I got, and discussion posts. Who knows what I'll have first? 'cause I don't even know myself! lol.

recent reads
busy life.
current reads

Cruel Beauty | Rosamund Hodge
I suck I know but I've been busy. Also, I am enjoying this. I'm the Gentle Lord/Ignifex over Shade, by the way. BUT here's an actual thought/speculation: I think that the Gentle Lord & Shade are the same entity/person. The Gentle Lord is just the cursed part of him or something. Gonna get my answers by the end of next week!! Also, the insta-love is 'meh' but ohwell. NO SPOILERS ON THE COMMENT! THANKS!

Killer Jam (A Dew Berry Farm Mystery #1) | Karen MacInerney
Ummm... delish-food. Also, just normal cozy mystery pace. I have no idea what else to say about this, tbh, 'cause I haven't exactly read so much since my last post, oKAY? *hidesinshame*

next reads
not changing these cuz I NEED to read them already!!

Duels & Deception | Cindy Anstey
YA historical romance. Regency era. Haven't exactly finished a book in that historical setting. I read The Dark Days Club last December but did not finish it. Might continue it at some point but most likely not. ANYWAY, I'm excited for this one!!

King's Cage (Red Queen #3) | Victoria Aveyard
I am excited to read this for Maven!! If you must know, 'cause I bet you don't or forgot, I like Maven like 100% more than Cal (which is weird and wrong in so many ways. but that's just me being weird and preferring evil people over boring good people.). Anyway, glad that this isn't over hyped, 'cause if it is, I'll be too scared to read it. lol. *thanks the stars for disappointed people, sorry*

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves?

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  1. Summer vacation is coming up soon for you, isn't it? You'll be able to read more!

    1. Yess! It won't exactly be a most awaited vacation for me though since I'm graduating (gotta look for a job first thing!). But I'm still sure I'll be able to read more by then :D

  2. I really need to read Cruel Beauty. It sounds so good! I recently read Strange the Dreamer and it instantly shot to my favorites list. I loved it beyond words.

    1. Aahh, Strange the Dreamer is on my wishlist this year! So excited to read it!! :D

  3. Glad you are doing well! I've been on a bit of a reading and blogging break as well do to one thing or 50 LOL!

  4. If you love Maven, you will probably enjoy King's Cage because anything Maven-related was my favorite part of that book! I hope you enjoy it :)

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  5. I followed your project on both facebook and twitter. Good luck with it! Lots of great books on your current and next reads list. Enjoy these!

  6. Oh I loved Cruel Beauty too!! I read it so long ago that I've forgotten most of it though haha, but I thought it was great and so whimsical and such a good twist on the original Beauty and the Beast tale. :D I'm currently reading The Crown's Fate and about to start Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (which is like 700 pages?! I'm kind of freaking out.😂)


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