August 31, 2017

AUGUST ROUNDUP (aka me-catching-up-to-my-Reading-Challenge month)

look at that Pride & Prejudice OMG!

I tried to get back on all things blogging this August but I failed. I did a few posts which I hope you guys have checked out. I had a couple of book tours as well and I won't be signing up for anything at this point because #busylife.

My reading pace is also pretty weird lately. At one point, I had this motivation to read everything and the next thing I know, I'm in a weird slump. I just finished a Paulo Coelho book though so I'd like to believe I'm on the good side of reading. lol. I decided to pick up a classic next as well as continue All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I hope it works out for me :)

As you will see here, I've mostly read manga lately but I'm really hoping to get around more novels than before. My reading pace at work is getting faster which is super great. 😊

books read


All You Need is Kill is an insta-fave for me. I picked it up because Takeshi Obata did the art and I'ma  fan you see. It was an amazing read and I hope to have a review up soon. She and Her Cat was purely a art-read for me. I didn't even know at first that Makoto Shinkai was the guy responsible for your name. but either way, it was such a relaxing read and the art is also very refreshing. Dreamology, on the other hand, was a very disappointing read. It was a waste of time. I hated the insta-love and the main character and I'm just overly mad at this book. But thank the stars I didn't buy this. Battle Royale: Angels' Border didn't work out for me generally because I never read the main text. I've seen the movie though but that was years and years ago so yeah. Tokyo Ghoul, vol3 was generally good. Possibly my fave one to date! Platinum End, vol3, on the other hand, was flat out my least fave volume yet for this series which disappoints me because I didn't expect Ohba to disappoint me. Bakemonogatari, Part1 was a fantastic light novel. I'm glad that it became my first. NisiOisiN's writing is great and reading this really makes me imagine the anime. Goodnight Punpun Omnibus, vol1 was such a fantastic comic of age. The story is simple and very interesting. The paneling and art style really makes this manga a very unique read. A highly recommended one I must say! And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer is a beautifully written novella by Fredrik Backman who's slowly becoming one of my fave authors. This book is about a grandfather who's dealing with Alzheimer's. It's quite heartbreaking yet at the same time, Backman's writing brings out a smile as a read this. The Witch of Portobello isn't exactly my fave Paulo Coelho book but it was amazingly written all the same. I like how it tackles new age and generally finding yourself and finding the courage to do things differently. It's a powerful novel if I had to describe it in one word.

books reviewed


Physical books I want to read for September: Scythe is ALWAYS on my monthly TBR. I'm excited to read it but the same time I'm scared to read it. I'm weird, I know. Pride & Prejudice is going to be my first Jane Austen novel. Also, this is easily a cover-buy because look at that Pulp! The Classic edition!! I  want to complete this classic edition. lol. This Savage Song is also on my TBR always because I've been considering buying the next book and I honestly don't want to grab it yet since I've never read a V.E. Schwab book. I have to know how she writes before I buy more, you see. Oh loo, Fahrenheit 451 is such a short classic. I must read it. lol. But really, I've read good things about this book though so I'm really excited to get around it. Also, Nevernight's sequel is coming out soon! OMG! I MUST READ THIS NOW! 

How was your August? Anything you want to share? New hobby, projects, travel, books, school life?
How was your month in reading? Anything you added to your faves? Anything you recommend to me?

let's connect!


  1. I've wanted to read something by Fredrik Backman for a while now I just don't know where to start (I'd love a suggestion if you have one). I've also been eyeing Paolo Coelho's novels quite a bit recently (but again no idea where to start with this author).

    OHMYGOSH that cover for Pride and Prejudice is amazing! I've never read the book but I'm absolutely in love with this cover. I'm so glad pulp covers are coming back into style!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award

  2. August was not a productive month for me either, and now I'm staring at all the September books and tour dates. I should learn to allow myself to enjoy summer!
    Jen Ryland


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