August 13, 2017

[WEEKEND READS] where I suddenly disappeared and finally reappeared!

one of my current reads.

A week ago, I celebrated my birthday. I wasn't able to work on any fancy posts because #busylife but I celebrated it with my family and co-workers. My co-workers kept on greeting me, I treated them to donuts, I came home to my parents and sisters with gifts and cakes and the four of them singing 'Happy Birthday'. It was a fantastic day. The next day we went for pizza, my treat of course, so now I'm broke. No money for more books which sucks. ugh.

ANYWAY, as I mentioned on my book haul post last week, I've been quite lousy on reading lately which is super disappointing. I haven't finish this one book I've been reading for almost two weeks now which is, again, super disappointing. What is happening to me?

recent reads

Dreamology | Lucy Keating
Thank the stars I never bought this book. I was really, really looking forward to this and because I'm always hesitant of contemporary titles, I never bought this book. Now I'm working on a bookstore, I had a chance to read it and I hated this. Never just too much romance and I feel that the premise wasn't executed well. There's too much romance and the main characters, Max and Alice were too hot and cold over liking each other -- one time he'd tell her they can't be together because she only knows 'Dream Max' and next thing I know he's bloodydamn kissing her (like, WTH, man? make up your mind!) -- and the climax was too anticlimactic (like WTH happened?). Overall, I hated this book with passion that I don't even know how I can recommend this in any way. but please don't hate me for this. you can go check out other reviews if you feel i'm lacking it many aspects (which I'm sure I am. lol).

All You Need is Kill | Hiroshi Sakurazaka (story); Ryosuke Takeuchi (storyboard); Takeshi Obata (art)
THIS MANGA. THIS MANGA. THIS MANGA! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE TO READ THIS! If you're not aware, this manga's light novel of the same title is where the film Edge of Tomorrow was based on. Heck, I've never even seen that film but I hope you guys get an idea. If not, All You Need is Kill follows Keiji Kiriya as he finds himself stuck in a loop starting one day before he gets out and fight the Mimics, aliens invading Earth. This is a very gripping read and I honestly wish that it's longer -- what for, i'm not sure maybe for more stuff about Keiji or more about Rita. I'll try to have a review soon!

She and Her Cat | Makoto Shinkai (story); Tsubasa Yamaguchi (art)
I have mixed feelings for this beauty. I thought it was a simple story and also a bit striking and... well... a beautiful read. If you're not aware, Makoto Shinkai is the author or the wildly popular your name. light novel and the well loved 5-centimeters per second anime. After reading this and having seen 5-centimeters per second years back, I think I have a grasp of his storytelling now. ANYWAY, She and Her Cat is about Miyu and her adjustment to adulthood and working and living away from home. There's loneliness and stress. And all of these are told in a single volume manga in the point of view of her cat. fancy!

current reads

All the Light We Cannot See | Anthony Doerr
I'm only a few chapters in and I'm liking this although it doesn't seem like a book that puts me in a continuous reading mood. I stop every now and then. It's good and the writing is really beautiful and easily one of my favorites! All the Light We Cannot See follows Marie-Laurie, a blind French girl, and Werner, an orphan from a mining town in Germany. I'm an the point where the second world war is only about to erupt and how these two will meet excites me!

Roam | Erik Therme
I'm almost half of this novel and it's a slow moving one. There are times when I'm highly interested and other times I'm just okay with. This book is more of a psychological induced novel that puts the reader into the mind of three different people and how they actually see each other the night Sarah had a fight with her boyfriend and ended leaving and ultimately being scared of running into him.

Girl in Snow | Danya Kukafka
I just found this book on NetGalley and ended up downloading it. It follows three strangers who may or may not be involved in the death of fifteen-year old, Lucida Hayes. I'm all for the psychological aspect and mystery of this novel. The writing isn't very exciting though which is a let down. I'm just a few pages in and somehow I doubt I'll love this. But we'll see...

next reads

When Dimple Met Rishi | Sandhya Menon
I got this a month back and I recently posted this. Thanks to Uma from Books.Bags.Burgers for suggesting to read this. I'll get around this as soon as possible! I'm not the biggest contemporary reader but I'm really looking forward to this book especially because of the Indian Culture mixed in this!

This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity #1) | Victoria Schwab
I'm FINALLY reading this because I'm trying to get rid of my series books because #OWBookClub and because #MIBF2017 is around the corner which means I need to get around the series I plan to continue so I can buy them by then. If you're not aware, #MIBF is an annual book fair here in the Philippines where in two of the major bookstores give a 20% off on all their titles -- so yeah! I know I work in one of those bookstores but ya know, it's really fancy to be around many books instead of just requesting them from other branches and such.

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves?

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  1. Happy birthday!! I haven't been reading a lot lately either. Literally haven't finished a book at all this month so far. I read All The Light We Cannot See a while ago and I didn't enjoy it all that much. It was good...but not a favorite. I found most of it boring. >.<

    1. Thanks, Molly! I feel that I'm having the same experience in All the Light We Cannot See. I hope it gets better for me though. crossing my fingers!

  2. Happy belated birthday! I've actually been eyeing She and Her Cat on Amazon for a few weeks now but if you liked it then I should definitely pick it up. Glad you're back :)

    1. Thanks, Sam! I hope you enjoy She and Her Cat! I'm curious though, I've you read or seen your name.?

      and it's good to be back :)

    2. I haven't read or seen your name but I have heard a lot of good about it so I plan to some day

    3. aahh, same! hope we both enjoy it then :D


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