July 3, 2020

10 Books I kept on my TBR shelf the longest


Last month I set my TBR to books I borrowed. I focused on those books and I successfully got through 4 of them! It was really satisfying to look back to. From 9 borrowed books, I'm down to 5. Although the books that were left were books that I borrowed way back in 2018-ish. Kind of wild. lol. But all is good. I'll get back to them at some point. 

What I got from this though is the success of the TBR I set which felt kind of unusual to me since I usually don't follow my TBR list. What I like in here though is that I set a specific theme for it which I think somehow helped me with getting through it. 

SO this month, I decided to go with books I've had the longest. I went to my previous blog and checked my oldest book haul post (which was consisted of books I've read) and checked every books from there. Took me a significant amount of time but now I have a good list of books I got way back from 2014 to the last physical book haul I had which was March 2020.

Few things about turning this into my July TBR: (1) my oldest book, Movers and Fakers will NOT be read because I want to acquire all books in the series before actually reading it. (2) I have Afterlife by Claudia Gray in here and it's the final book in a 4-book series. So if I ever wanted to get through that book, I am going to have to reread the first 3 books in the series (kind of like what I did to Allegiant). I don't know what to feel about this but we'll see. (3) Since I'm surely not reading the first book in this list, I decided to add (as a bonus. lol) the 11th book (which ended up being a series as well (lol) but I got this. I'll probably lowkey continue this TBR to August. We'll see 😊

Movers & Fakers (Alphas #2) | Lisi Harrison
Got this: August 2014
I got this for my birthday for sure. This was the Lisi Harrison x Birthday book haul. lol. I was a fan, okay? I will still read this series even though I won't like them anymore. As I said earlier, I won't read this for my July TBR. I'll look for books 3 and 4 for this series THEN read it then.
Incendiary | Chris Cleave
Got this: August 2014
This was gifted to me by my sister. To be honest, she doesn't exactly know my type of book. So she never gets any of them right. But all is good. I just read them anyway. I looked through this and it's only 200+ pages. So I might get to this this month.
Night Film | Marisha Pessl
Got this: December 2014
I was so intrigued when I first saw this. Took me a while to get it because I was a student then and have a bit of difficulty buying adult books (because w h o a they're pricey). I waited for the trade paperback to arrive in the local bookstore. And when I got it, I just ended up putting it in my shelf and left it there.
Gone Girl | Gillian Flynn
Got this: March 2015
Just one of those books I bought because of how popular it is but I was also too scared to join the hype train. The movie came and went. And here it is, still unread. I tried though a few months or a year back but I wasn't in the mood for a thriller then.
Sekret (Sekret #1) | Lindsay Smith
Got this: May 2015
I think this was a thing back then. I bought this because it was quite popular and it kind of sounds interesting for me then. Well it still is somehow I guess. But it's not exactly something I'll probably buy right now.

Cruel Beauty | Rosamund Hodge
Got this: June 2015
Retellings were a thing then and it turns out, I wasn't a fan of them. I tried this back then but ended up holding it off because I wasn't feeling it, maybe? idk. But this time, probably.
Afterlife (Evernight #4) | Claudia Gray
Got this: August 2015
I got this because I've read the first 3 books in the series. And I just wanted to know how it ends but I ended up never picking it up. I really want to get this over with but I want to reread the first 3 before going through this one (which I mentioned earlier). 
Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges trilogy #1) | Stephen King
Got this: September 2015
This is probably my first Stephen King book but I've never read it. I ended up reading my first one which was Revival a year later. But yeah, I haven't read this and I was surprised later on that it was actually a series. lol. I probably won't get to this because I still have a couple of Stephen King books I haven't finished (It's It and it's taking me forever).
1984 | George Orwell
Got this: September 2015
I got this with Mr. Mercedes during MIBF 2015 because of its popularity. And I think then that as a "booknerd" I should have read this because everyone seems to have read it. and I haven't. lol.
Afterworlds | Scott Westerfeld
Got this: September 2015
I posted in this on my Books from the Backlog a month back. I'm kind of hoping I'll finally get to this this time because OMG it's heavy and there's no way I'm reading it anywhere else. lol.

*Bonus book because I'm not reading the first one in this list. 
Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) | Sarah J Maas
I got stuck on this because after reading the first 2 books, I did like them. But then after my younger sister read Throne of Glass, she deadass told me the cringe-y no that's weird wrong stuff and I ended up being iffy about this series. But yeah, I'm still giving it a shot and I have up until Queen of Shadows although I do kind of want to finish this series. But let's just see how this goes for me. I'm gonna reread the first 2 books before going to this one.

Do you have books sitting on your shelf for more than 3 years? Do you sometimes end up forgetting about them? Also, which of these books should I read first?

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  1. Mr. Mercedes was so good, and Gone Girl was one of those books I couldn't put away!! I remember finishing it in 1, maybe 2 days :) The movie was quite good, but books are better, lolz!

    1. I kind of get scared to read both but I will try to push myself at some point :) I've also been thinking of watching the movie. So will definitely do that after I've read the book.

  2. I finally read Gone Girl after waiting FOREVER to lol and it was pretty good. It wasn't a oh my gosh stick with me kind of book, but it was definitely twisty. Hope you like it when you get around to reading it!

    1. Thanks for that! I'll probably have the same feeling at this point with the amount of thrillers that are coming out.

  3. I have a few of the same books on my TBR, and have only read one of the ones on this list. 1984 is good and a classic for a reason, but it was also a little draining. I think Night Film is also one of the first books I ever added to my Goodreads TBR after a friend recommended it years ago, and I just never got to it. Good luck with the list! I love the idea of challenges but I'm a mood reader, so it's hard for me to ever commit to any book challenges.

    1. I did tried 1984 waaaay back then and I understand you when you said it's a little draining. I finished Night Film probably a week ago and loved it!! Just one of those books I can't believe I waited forever to read. I'm quite the mood reader as well that's why I take a lot of books for my list so that I'll have options :)

  4. I reorganized my book cart and found some books from the Borders clearance sale lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Petition for 1984 and Gone Girl to be boosted up your TBR pile because both are my faves. I like how both have romance in them, love stories that ended up in tragedies, but also character studies for the MC's: Amy ad Winston. Was shocked with the ending of Gone Girl and was emotional at the ending of 1984. :)

    1. Will try to do that but no promises. Although Gone Girl might really get the nod at some point soon :)


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