February 24, 2018

[WEEKEND READS] where I give you an update on my #TimeHopAthon progress


This week, I decided to join the #TimeHopAthon which I'm mostly inactive but still actively and slowly reading. I'm reading two books for this challenge simultaneously though and it feels really crazy but nothing's confusing since they're of completely different genres. But I ended up not finishing anything this week.

Also, I just had my haircut last Thursday. Hopefully I can do a self portrait by next week. Short hair has always been my thing 💖 and I mean really short hair. My mom said I look like a boy but I'm like, yeah, if people think I look like a boy and think that I'm actually a tomboy of some-sort, I'll just shrug them off and just be on my way. I'm actually amused whenever people mistaken me as a tomboy or a lesbian because of my casual clothing, no-make up look getup, and extra short hair.

recent reads

yup, didn't finish anything this week. what happened to me even?

current reads

Iron Gold (Red Rising #4) | Pierce Brown
So I was able to get through a good amount of pages this week because of #TimeHopAthon and because I have to return this soon (lol). ANYWAY, things are getting more intense now. I'm still in Part 2 though and OMG DARROW!! I CAN'T EVEN SEE WHERE THINGS ARE GOING!!

Lincoln in the Bardo | George Saunders
This. is. a. blooydamn. confusing. read. Okay. I'm just a bit baffled. And it feels like it's dragging. The writing is VERY unique though. I have to give it that. So many perspectives and I mean there's A LOT! Aside from that, they change very often per chapter which makes it more confusing that your usual read yet at the same time kind of interesting. (say what?)

P.S. from Paris | Marc Levy
Kind of a chill read. Romance and set in Paris with an author and an actress as main characters. Both are searching for romance and both of them also joined this online dating site. what could go wrong?

next reads

Wuthering Heights | Emily Brontё
I've been holding this off. What is wrong with me? LOL. I'll have this up after #TimeHopAthon for sure :)

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves? Any recommendations?

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  1. I have my copy of Iron Gold just sitting and eyeing me down, demanding to be read but I still haven't picked it up because it's so long *sobs*. But I'm sooooo excited to read it this is one of my favorite series. I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!

    1. I only realized it's almost 600 pages when I was over 100 pages. hahaha, but I'm like, it's Red Rising I'm sure it's fine. and it is. It's super intense! Hope you get a chance to read it soon! :D

  2. I love short hair myself. I used to have a pixie and was so in love with the cut. The only downside is it's so expensive to maintain. I hope you have a wonderful week and that you enjoy your new cut!

    1. I actually have a pixie cut right now. I don't really have issues maintaining my hair. I don't know.. Maybe that's just me really not caring much about fixing my hair. Thanks, Alicia!


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