February 10, 2018

[WEEKEND READS] where Iron Gold is still the highlight of my current reads


Welcome to my first Weekend Reads this 2018!

My reading year started so well that I found myself 5 books a head of my goodreads challenge (proud child right here!). Well, maybe I'm cheating or something but I've read a couple of manga and a graphic novel and all three parts of Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher (so much thanks to my book best friend for lending me his copy).

recent reads
The last great books I read were Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli and Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia. BUT that's for another post since I read them a few weeks back already and I've drafted reviews for both of those amazing reads πŸ˜ƒ

Fire Punch, vol. 1 | Tatsuki Fujimoto
I was attracted to this manga because of that cover also because it's from the same publisher as Tokyo Ghoul. When I read this one though, I had mixed feelings for it. I thought the world was really interesting -- there are people "blessed" with special abilities and the world bis completely frozen thanks to the ability of the Ice Witch. Agni who's blessed with fast regeneration faced unfortunate events which left me alone and wandering and in thirst for vengeance. The art is fantastic but the story has the tendency of being a bit all over the place. At times, it feels like the mangaka doesn't really know what to do next. But yeah, I'm interested to read the next volume but I'm not really invested on this one.

The Last Day of Emily Lindsey | Nic Joseph
I've been reading this since mid-2017 which is crazy, I know! And it may sound so wrong right now but I actually like this. I LOVE the mystery. It's really intriguing. It opens with children trying to figure out what the heck is happening on some special day on this 'orphanage' of some sort. Then point of view switches to Detective Paul and the search for Emily Lindsey. It has its faults tbh but if you want a nice mystery read, go try this one. Review to come 😊

current reads

Pride & Prejudice | Jane Austen
This is supposed to be my classics for January but yeah, I've been slacking on this challenge (I'll be posting my personal 2018 reading challenge soon!!). ANYWAY, I'm surprisingly enjoying this although I have to admit that the writing isn't exactly for me. At first I can't read it when I'm distracted or something. I needed complete focus but as I read more of this, I found myself really engaged and really into this. Also, I'm loving Lizzy!! πŸ’– Also, this edition of Pride & Prejudice has red sprayed edges and awesome cover!!

Every Day | David Levithan
Decided to read this because of the movie. Also, my co-worker loves this!! I'm already over 100 pages and I'm actually liking it. Mostly because of A's story and how he just shifts from one life to another. Also, Nathan's devil possession story is a real laugh. The love interest isn't my thing tbh. I don't like her. But rating it right now, I'd say 3.5 or 4 stars 😊

Iron Gold (Red Rising #4) | Pierce Brown
I borrowed this from my book best friend because he ordered a copy -- the International Edition (which I  am totally not getting because I want this book in hardbound!!). ANYWAY, while waiting for my copy I'm reading his. lol. I was a bit surprised with the multiple points of view. So far I've read through Darrow (still my fave), Lyria (2nd fave), Ephraim (not my thing), and Lysander (just fine). There's still war over the planets rules by the Ash Lord. It's all very interesting and I'm honestly not sure where this is all going~~

next reads

Sea of Tranquility | Katja Millay
I promised, okay? This book has been on my radar for so long. Then I forgot all about it. Then, when I first met my book best friend, he told me about it. And I'm like: I think I have this on my wishlist. I checked and Alas! there it is. One of my fave reviewers have that READ THIS NOW review so what more reason do I have to skip getting it then? I bought it the next chance I got and that was a couple of months ago. What procrastination! I'm finally reading this next, okay? I promise! Right after Iron Gold for sure.

Wuthering Heights | Emily BrontΡ‘
This is the ONLY classic I read without forcing myself and ended up actually loving it. I don't know! I'm planning on re-reading it this month as part of my personal reading challenge. I hope my love for this books hasn't change.

What books did you recently finish? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to pick up next? Any new faves? Any recommendations?

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  1. I'll be re-reading Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice soon!

    1. Good Luck with your reread!! Hope you enjoy them both! :D

  2. I do hope to get to Iron Gold soon. Glad you are enjoying it. I have a copy of Every Day on my shelves but have no idea when I will get the chance to start reading it. Have a great reading week!

    1. Pierce Brown's writing is always amazing. I'm sure it's going to be great all throughout :) I was a bit hesitant to read Every Day, to be honest. I'm just decided to read it because of the upcoming movie. I plan to watch it with my co-workers :) Thanks, Carole!

  3. I love those pulpy classic book covers. have you seen the one for Frankenstein? :)

    1. YESS!! I checked out their website. I want to collect them all! :D

  4. I was a bit worried about new POVs in Iron Gold as well, but Pierce Brown did not disappoint. I ended up loving it and I hope you will too :)
    And I hope you will nejoy Sea of Tranquility as well. I read it back when it was released and indie book and fell in love. Happy reading, dear!

    1. I was a bit surprised with the multiple POV but so far I'm enjoying it :) I've read nothing but amazing things about Sea of Tranquility. And my best friend just keeps on pushing me to read it already! Thanks, Lucia! :)


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